“It’s a question of ‘thriving’ - By being there, is the space and community around it beneficially impacted?

When it comes to change and leadership, TLC resonates with Buckminster Fuller’s vision of building a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
Our work is grounded in imagination - what kind of world do we want to live in and what steps do we take to get there?  This means going one step beyond sustainable design and restorative design - regenerative design is the soil in which we plant the seeds of our imagination.


For the past 20 years, Tricia Love Consultants has been working to change the way people relate to our environment and earth. We envision a future where the role humans play is to protect, restore and thrive. We aim to inspire and facilitate this in both the building industry and organisations themselves.

We are passionate about what we do and find that our work goes so much deeper than the sum of its parts. In addition to bringing a project past the finish line, the sustenance of our work is collaborating with people to create meaningful change that extends beyond the physical boundary of a building and to learn from each other.

TLC is proud to have been the Mechanical Services Engineer, Environmental Engineer, and GSAP for Ironbank, the first building in New Zealand to achieve 5 star Green Star Built rating, as well as Geyser, the first building in New Zealand to achieve 6 star Green Star Built Rating.  Furthermore, TLC was the ESD consultant and LBC coordinator/facilitator for Te Kura Whare, the first certified Living Building in New Zealand, as well as Camp Glenorchy - the first hotel typology Living Building in the world.




Director, Building Services Engineer, GSAP

I started my career as a Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineer but soon realised my passion was designing buildings for people and planet. I effectively facilitate and manage sustainability outcomes within projects. I enjoy inspiring people, sharing knowledge and creating great team relationships.


Green Star Consultant, GSAP,

Lead LBC Materials Researcher

Having spent a number of years working in project management and legal documentation roles I have developed an eye for detail. This is essential for ensuring clients meet their sustainability certification goals. I enjoy working as part of a team; collaborating, supporting and building relationships.


Assistant Materials Researcher,

JUST Facilitation

I’m a nerd for sustainability and love working with people to affect positive change. I enjoy all aspects of my job - from the research/design to the coordination/implementation. I consider myself to be a work chameleon, versatile and easily adaptable.


Sustainable Solutions Consultant, Engineer

I’m a holistic engineer with passion for sustainable and regenerative design, from renewable energy, energy simulation, to carbon analysis. I am also a creative, a storyteller and facilitator. I enjoy linking the technical aspects of my work with the human connections and nature.

We are Just.

TLC is proud to be a Just Organisation with a focus on social equity and team engagement. Just is a transparency label for organisations to disclose their operations - how they treat their employees and how they invest in their communities. 

We believe that transparency gives us more choice as consumers in aligning our purchasing power with our personal values. If you are interested in a Just Label for your organisation, please get in touch with us below. 

Click on our Just Label to find out more about our organisational practices and policies.  




We take an integrated and holistic approach to organisational strategy.  We can help you review, develop, and achieve sustainability goals and frameworks

Achievements can range from carbon reduction and certification to organisational social justice and leadership. Strategy and frameworks can also inter-relate to capital works projects or to just the organisation.


Biophilic Design creates spaces that support the fundamental and biological need we have as humans to connect with nature. Research shows that bringing biophilia into our built environment leads to improved mental, physical, and social wellbeing. We can work with you to create and implement a Biophilia plan that reflects your organisation’s goals, values, and place in your community. 

TLC Buildings

Much of the work we do involves leadership through building. We approach every stage of the building process, from design to occupation and beyond, with a balance of perspective and detail. We can work with you to achieve both NZGBC Green Star and Living Building Challenge certifications and can also offer LCA Quick Carbon Modelling and LCA Quick training through BRANZ. 


How We Work

“Hovering at the 30,000 foot level, swooping in with an engineering mindset when required.”


TLC is committed to affecting positive change. We work to ensure our built environment contributes to our communities and planet through the creation and sustentation of;

  • Ecological regeneration

  • Responsible water usage

  • Biophilic design

  • Carbon reduction

  • Healthy material usage

  • Net positive energy

  • Responsible sourcing

  • Just organisations, and more.

We believe that an integrated design perspective is critical to the process.

Everything we do, from strategy development to modelling, engineering, and certification is values driven.  By allowing the bigger picture and purpose to drive the work, we gain clarity, motivation and a common goal.  Our core values drive the work that we do  - Integrity, Heart, and Interconnectedness.




Q: What assets and value do you think TLC brought to your project and/or organisation?

A: “Deep knowledge about materials and Living Building Challenge.”

A: “Outside the box thinking. Perspective.”

A: “Experience and drive.”

A: “Sustainable thoughts and policy. Vision to the future.”

A: “Knows her stuff...able to communicate clearly and help others extend their comfort zones and go for greater sustainable goals.”

Q: What are the words that come to mind when you think about your time working with Tricia Love Consultants?

A: “Smart, authentic, accessible, effective, kind.”

A: “Professional, connected, expert, knowledgeable, approachable.”

A: “Proactive and passionate about the planet.”

A: “Committed, enthusiastic, passionate about the work they do. Go the extra mile, a pleasure to work with and be a part of a team.”

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TLC is working as Green Star Consultant and GSAP on five large industrial warehouse & office projects. All projects are targeting a 5-star Design & As Built rating.


Strategies for certification include sustainable materials selection, waste minimisation, and environmental management. Active ESD systems include rainwater collection used in irrigation and toilet flushing, in conjunction with high water efficiency sanitary fixtures, high efficiency lighting, metering and monitoring, solar rooftop energy generation, and EV charging.


Opportunities available for innovation points include Social Procurement, Te Aranga Design, and Biophilia.





We would love to hear your vision for your organisation or project. If you’re unsure which direction to go or your Company is looking for CPD seminars in the topic of Sustainability, we also offer free one hour CPD presentations. As an ILFI Volunteer Ambassador presenter, we can offer introductory presentations by Trish on the following;

  • An Introduction to the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Vs 4.0, 

  • An Introduction to the LBC Materials Petal/Red List, 

  • An Introduction to Biophilia, 

  • An Introduction to Just Label, 

  • In addition, through BRANZ we can offer your organisation an introduction to LCA Quick Carbon Modelling. Inquiries for an intro to LCA Quick can be made through BRANZ or through us.

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